Installation with eggs, eggshells and charcoal drawing.

"Eggsorcism"; Eggs, Eggshells, Charcoal hatch marks on the wall; 15´W x 18´L x 10´H

The walls of the gallery were covered with charcoal hatch marks while a pile of eggshells sat in the middle of the room. There were also eggs placed all along the shelves and above the mantle piece in the room.

This installation was a poetic interpretation of a Persian healing ritual. During the ritual, meant to rid an ill person of bad spirits, the eldest member of the family, holds an egg between his/her thumb and index finger. While applying constant pressure to the egg, s/he starts marking the egg with a piece of charcoal as s/he recites the names of the sick person's friends and family members. At one point, while calling out the names, the egg breaks, thus exorcising the evil spirits and healing the ill person. The piece included a brief description of the ritual as a point of reference for the viewer.