Abstract colorfield watercolor paintings.

"Nocturne"; Oil on canvas and watercolor on paper

This series of paintings consist of horizontal bands of subdued colors with overlapping diffused edges. They grew out of my Aquamano project, where landscape is presented as dreamy shadows, silhouetted against a background of various tonal values in the sky at dusk.  The Nocturne series continues where these works left off, by exploring a similar somber, quiet atmosphere, but within a more minimal and abstract composition. The narrative in these paintings has been reduced to its bare essentials in search of the nuances of silence and stillness. 

In these paintings, the reference to landscape is made through the use of horizontal layers of earth tone colors. In this way, Nocturnes also echo the visual voices and vocabularies of Persian nomadic kilims, where naturally dyed wool yarns are interwoven into simple linear or geometric compositions that speak with a singularly universal voice.