My overall artistic methodology is highly site responsive in nature and takes numerous physical and conceptual aspects of the location into consideration. I am inspired by a whimsical, playful approach that is also informed by engaging philosophical and conceptual twists. I believe that a playful context allows the viewer to befriend the artwork and have a comfortable and welcoming experience. Once this type of relationship has been established, the deeper, conceptual layers can then gradually reveal themselves over time, through the process of reflection.

I approach each of my projects as an opportunity for learning, in the sense that I often seek out new contexts for research, study and discovery, instead of simply repeating what I already know/ am familiar with. Thus, I begin my aesthetic process by first welcoming and actively looking for all the eccentricities of a project. I then continue by asking questions, exploring alternatives, and experimenting with new methods and materials. I consider the totality of social, historical, cultural and architectural characteristics that will influence the creation, presentation, as well as the overall experience of the artwork. I then search for a common, unifying element, one that is best suited to the particular project, and which will support this new composition/ community of forms, shapes, styles, and materials.  This process of refinement helps me to create pieces that are harmonious while being complex and multi-layered.