Digital prints of stylized faces made from Persian calligraphyAquamano; one of a kind handmade prints utilizing ink jet printer and rice paper. utilizing

"Zikr"; Digital print on rice paper, 19"W x 27"H

In Arabic "Zikr" means remembrance, or to remember. This body of work is a visual reflection of this journey; the process of remembering a face (a state of being) that has been forgotten. Each piece is composed of a single line of poetry by a Persian Sufi poet, which is written over and over in a calligraphic style. These are archival digital prints on rice paper, which measure 19" x 27".

The following is the translation for the poem used in each of the pieces.

"Zikr 11"; Earthly (being) sees earthly particles
Only the pure can see purity. By Sanaee

"Zikr 17"; What is above this life and the one after; the city of love
Beyond this, I haven't found a better city nor a homeland. By Rumi

"Zikr 3"; The one whose heart is filled with fire,
any of her stories will be heartwarming. By Sheikh Najm-addin Razi

"Zikr 23"; Your love will accomplish all that is needed
You just be patient–be an apprentice! Love is the only master. By Ain-al Ghozat Hamedani

"Zikr 32"; I'm drunkness, and my essence is the wine of love
Now tell me, what could we expect from wine other than drunkness. By Rumi

"Zikr 33"; O nourisher, grant me a heart filled with fire
Within that heart, a pulse that is constantly burning (in love). By Vahshi Baufghi

"Zikr 35"; I'm not me, nor am I you, and you are not me,
I'm also me, and you are you, as well as me. By Sayf-addin Bakherzi

"Zikr 39"; Until my mind has burned in your love,
I am unaware, and ignorant.
O, please come, come, come, come. By Rumi

"Zikr 5"; What need have I for the mind, status or gold, when I have you
What need for anything at all, if you are my world and reality. By Sanaee

"Zikr 20"; Oh heart, you won't be granted this path by talking and chattering,
annhilation is the only way that you will be granted connection. By Rumi