Flowing Light

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“Flowing Light; Room for Mechthild of Magdeburg”; Bees wax, Wood, Honey, Candles; 27´W x 25´L x 12´H; table 12´L x 3´W x 30″H

This piece was an homage to the Thirteenth Century German mystic Mechthild of Magdeburg, and sought to express in a visual form, the emotional and conceptual layers that are contained in her writings. Inspired by her work, this installation sought to reflect and explore a variety of metaphysical concepts regarding the nature of love, passion and devotion.

The windows on one side of the space were covered with multiple layers of bees wax. By pouring the wax while still hot and letting it dry in driplets, there was a strong visual/ sculptural expression of a downward movement. The table in the middle of the room had the words to a poem by Mechthild carved into it and then the letters were filled with honey. The table, in relation to the beeswax on the window, was the more passive/ receptive sculptural element in the space. The wall opposite to the windows was covered with a large number of candles with several of them burning at any one time. The slender figure of the candles, especially with their wick and their arrow like flame, created a sculptural element that pointed upward, thus completing the cyclical movement of the force called “love”. The following poem was carved into the table and filled with honey.

The great overflowing of divine love that never stops and flows for evermore without pause, without any effort, with such sweet flow ever unflagging, that our little vessel becomes full and overflows.