E Seqa Dangu

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“E-Seqa Danqu” (No Title); Second hand paintings, Cardboard boxes, Glass jars, Oil, Photo transparencies of famous paintings throughout history, Stainless steel, Lights; 18´W x24´L x18´H

This site specific installation consisted of a group of thrift store paintings and a stainless steel “examining table” on which were displayed photo transparencies of famous, historical paintings in jars of linseed oil.

This piece sought to examine the relationship between the gallery as an art institution, and the “value” and “language” of art. The title of the piece, which in Fijian (as an arbitrary foreign language) means “No Title”, was completely non-sensical and meaning-less to the uninformed viewer, even though he or she was able to “read” it. The work also questioned the role of the gallery as marketplace, by having different price lists for odd and even days of the month.