A Sense of Unity

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“A Sense of Unity”; Paint, Glass, Photography; 12´H x 92´W; each panel 72″H x 72″W

“A Sense of Unity” is a site-specific piece for the lobby of the Valley Medical Center, in San Jose, CA. It consists of nine monumental images on glass that are floating in front of a painted wall, depicting distant clouds or undulating waves.

This work was developed as a poetic response to the unique social characteristics of the hospital as well as the architectural setting of the lobby. The images, originally inspired by flowers such as roses and dahlias, were digitally manipulated and composed to create multilayered abstractions reflecting nature, psyche and mind, while promoting a warm, comfortable, welcoming environment for both patrons and staff.

These images are perched on the threshold between, that which is real and pure mathematical abstraction. They still hold onto just enough detail from their natural origin that they could easily be categorized as new species of flowers. Constructed on some of the basic geometric forms and shapes from the natural world, these images seek to reflect a similar sense of balance and order. Each piece, in a sense, could be seen as a giant magnifying glass exposing the inner structure of nature; a portrait of intricate symmetry and harmony.