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My Story

Like many children, I was fascinated with arts and crafts from my very early years. Although I was encouraged by my family, I had never considered becoming a full time artist, mainly because of my larger socio-cultural context. Yet, my connection and attraction to the arts, must have continued to percolate beneath my skin, because soon after I immigrated to the United States, I decided to pursue art more seriously. I was studying engineering at the time at San Jose State University, when I decided to change my major and entered the art department. 

Ever since, I have had an ongoing relationship with the arts, and feel very fortunate to have been exposed to two different artistic and cultural traditions. For me, the practice of art is a solid and yet abstract way to navigate through conceptual currents and inquiries. I am interested in art as life and/or life as art, and feel that, this might be a product of my cultural upbringing in Iran, where art was more infused into everyday life and inseparable from it. Consequently, I respond most favorably to art that is accessible, democratic and approachable by anyone, anywhere and at any time. 

I am interested in art as life and life as art.”

My art is essentially autobiographical, and is informed by my bi-cultural background. I celebrate my diverse identity, and yet highly value the notion of unity and equity. I recognize that my work is an exploration of who I am, however I am uninterested in a self-centered, private and over bearing means of expression that excludes and is accessible only to a select few.

I sometimes use familiar and recognizable icons stemming from my cultural background, although I am actually more curious about creating an expressive language that poetically, versus graphically, reflects cultural nuances. I am interested in aesthetic compositions that welcome everyone, and have the power to delve into, excavate and reveal deeper human values. 

I have particularly come to appreciate the significance of the imagination as the gateway to understanding, discoveries, inventions, creativity and ultimately to knowledge. I have been inspired to seek out ways of art making that are not quite representational, nor fully abstract, in order to activate, stimulate and engage the imagination. I have sought to study the capability of this type of imagery for providing the viewer with a portal into their own imaginal realm and consequently unleashing their own creative potential.