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“Remembrance”; Water, Tiles, Mirrors, Text, Dry pigment, Motion sensor, Drip hose; 30´W x 75´L x 12´H

This installation consisted of a 12´W x 30´L x 9″ D pond located in the center of a room that measured 30´W x 75´L x 12´H. The pond was tiled with 4.5″ cobalt blue ceramic tiles, except for the floor of the pool which was covered with 9″x 9″ mirror tiles. The text of a poem, by the poet Attar, was reproduced on the mirror tiles by covering the background and leaving the letters as mirror. These words were then reflected (in reverse) onto the walls by utilizing spotlights that were directed at the pond. Falling from the ceiling into the pond, were small drops of water that dripped from eight spots. A motion sensor, connected to a water pump, controlled the frequency of the drips. The pond was still until the sensor detected a movement in the room, which then caused drops of water to fall and disturb the still surface of the water. This agitation broke the reflection of the words, yet once the water became still again, the words reappeared and became legible. The walls were painted a warm golden yellow, and covered from floor to ceiling with a repeated floral design. This design was created in dry purple pigment that had been pounced through a pattern with holes, resulting in a dotted-line drawing.

And there you are suspended, motionless,
Till you are drawn the impulse is not yours-
A drop absorbed in seas that have no shores.
First lose yourself, then lose this loss and then
Withdraw from all that you have lost again-
Go peacefully, and stage by stage progress
Until you gain the realms of Nothingness.

Conference of the Birds, Attar