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“Un-Covering”; Digital print on perforated vinyl, 32’L x 18’H

Several hundred colored photographs representative of the current characteristics of the City of Emeryville, California were composed along with black and white historical images to create a “quilt mural” for the glass entryway to the Emeryville City Hall. These images were digitally scanned and arranged to create a “log cabin” type quilt pattern called “Barn Raising”. The final artwork was printed on perforated vinyl and installed on the glass facade of the City Hall, framing the main entrance as a gateway.

This piece explored the concept of a city as a unified whole that is composed of thousands of smaller, diverse individual elements; it is a portrait of the City manifested through a photographic collage of its particulars. This idea of harmonic diversity was also expressed through the reference to quilts and quilt making, where different shapes and colors coexist harmoniously side by side, each working together while maintaining and celebrating their individual characteristics.