Room for Hope

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“Room for Hope”; Steel, Live Tree, Concrete, 11’W x 11’D x 25’H, George Sim Community Center; Sacramento, CA

“Room for Hope” presents the basic outline of a pitched roof house, with a live tree in the center. The structure is fabricated out of steel I-Beams and is painted a deep rust color. Each of the four walls of the house presents a single letter of the word “HOPE”, so that the word becomes legible only after the viewer circles around the entire tree-house.

The title of the piece can indicate that there is room/ space for Hope; referring to the idea that Hope is always welcome and can be accommodated. On the other hand, “Room for Hope” can also imply the idea of a house where Hope is kept safe and protected. The tree in this context, as a living, healthy system, stands in place of Hope.

Additionally, since the house structure is constructed out of the letters for Hope, the tree can then take on another role; as an icon for life. This introduces a symbiotic relationship between Hope and life, where Hope can be understood as the basic underlying support structure for our individual lives, our communities and even the whole of humanity.