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“Essence”; Handblown glass, Rain water, Wax; Each bottle approximately 18″H x 7″W

“Essence” consists of collecting small reliquaries of rainwater from various locations. The water is preserved inside clear, hand blown, glass bottles of various sizes and shapes. Each bottle is sealed and then labeled with the specific date and location of collection.

This series was originally inspired by an innocent and childlike view of the rain; that because rainwater comes down from the sky, it is un-earthly/ heavenly and somehow sacred. This notion has continued to gain conceptual momentum for me, and has blossomed into a metaphor for the very essence of human life. I’m intrigued by how water reflects the same basic nature, although it occupies many forms such as ice, steam, drops, pond, stream, river, ocean, etc…. This piece is, in a sense, an exploration; a search for an inner essence that unifies all existence, regardless of its diverse manifestations. Each bottle is a unique vessel, yet inside they contain the same fundamental essence; the water of life.