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Impromptu; Acrylic on Canvas; 6′ x 8′

Impromptu explores the inter-relationship of color, shape, rhythm and harmony within a setting of geometric abstraction. The canvas is divided into smaller simple geometric shapes that fit together similar to a jigsaw puzzle. The seemingly random placement of the various shapes actually, plays an integral role within a larger unified composition. This underlying pattern, although complex and hard to detect, introduces a familiar grid-like scaffolding, which provides a harmonizing structure for the entire piece. 

The compositional relationship between the different colors, is highly dependent on the order in which they are perceived by the viewer, for example, if one sees red then orange, or perhaps one starts with orange and then notices teal, etc… In this sense, the observer actually completes the work and on each viewing creates a new version of the piece for themselves. This is perhaps similar to musical improvisation that is based on a set composition; with each playing, the piece sounds slightly different, highlighting a particular color and mood.