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“Convergence”; Paint on ashpalt; 32´Dia.

Convergence is a street mural, composed of a stylized floral design growing outward from a central point. Spanning the entire intersection of two streets, it stands as a visual icon for lives coming together in common-unity, and celebrates the idea of unity within diversity.

This project reflects the idea of a town square by creating a visual signature that references neighborhoods as gathering points within the larger community. A cross street can be seen as two lines intersecting one another, or perhaps more poetically as two lives touching each other. The point where they connect is shared by both lines, and is in a sense where the two become one and are united.

The circular floral pattern, suggests the idea of the natural/ organic growth associated with relationships, and particularly the way that a neighborhood or community can blossom and revitalize. The composition of different forms and shapes of leaves, flowers and branches harmoniously coexisting within a cohesive well balanced whole echos the concept of diversity within unity. The overall pattern radiates outwards, while simultaneously pointing back towards the center of the circle, highlighting the notion of growth and expansion, as well as gathering and unification. Thereby asking the viewer to consider what is it that connects us all? What is the particular force, phenomenon or aspect that we share in common and links us all together. 

To illustrate this concept, let us consider a seed that is placed in the soil. In a matter of days, it germinates, and begin to develop a diversified system of roots, stem, leaves and quickly turns into a plant. But where did this plant come from? In other words, what brought it into being, in to life? It certainly could not have been folded up inside the seed while still maintaining a similar size, form and shape. At the same time however, the plant could have not possibly come from anywhere but the seed. The plant therefore, must have been within the seed, although in a different state, and not visible in the same way that it now occupies in space. We may identify this ‘different state’ as the ‘life’, that springs forth in innumerable different contexts, presenting a multitude of shapes, forms and expressions. This is the phenomenon that is responsible for every visible manifestation, and yet itself can not be seen. 

On closer inspection of the design,  it becomes apparent that there is no visual form, shape or signature at the very center; in other words the exact seed, source or origin of the design is not visible; thus pointing towards the subtle, invisible force and essence that we all share, Life.

My deepest thanks to the 56th Street neighborhood, and to the larger Bushrod Community for all their help, support and participation. This project was funded in part by Paint The Town with additional support from the Bushrod community.

My sincere gratitude to Terrence Sims for putting together the above video documentation of this project.