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Syncopation; AIM (Artificial Intelligence Montage), Giclee Print, 18″x 24″  

This series reflects my ongoing exploration into spatial fragmentation and abstraction. These works  are created using artificial intelligence as an artistic tool, and are available as 18”x 24” Giclee prints, in a limited edition of 10.

I am uncertain about the exact source of my interest in the nature of abstraction and in particular how it relates to space and architecture. However, I feel that my upbringing in Iran, and early exposure to Persian architecture and miniature paintings may have contributed to this interest. Miniature paintings have a unique approach to the representation of space, which although it appears to be flat, in fact portrays a multidimensional scene/ reality. Meanwhile, the physical architectural space is approached with a sense of the magical, where facades and walls are adorned with mirror mosaic and ceramic tiles, which results in a flattening of the space and creates a feeling as if one is inside a painting.

With these works, I wanted to take the Western approach towards the representation of space and fold it back onto itself, thereby breaking up its continuity. My intention is to deconstruct linear perspective and its presentation of three dimensional space, and reconstruct a form of abstraction with a multilayered dimensionality. Each piece starts with a sense of the familiar, and soon directs the viewers gaze into a new spatial dimension, where the narrative of space has been altered. Syncopation introduces a non-sensical realm that functions outside of our ordinary perception of time and space.