Nomadic Rhapsody

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Nomadic Rhapsody; AIM (Artificial Intelligence Montage), Giclee Print, 18″x 24″  

This collection celebrates a sense of vigor and vitality that I associate with the life and culture of my growing up in Iran. They are created using artificial intelligence as an artistic tool, and are available as 18”x 24” Giclee prints, in a limited edition of 10.

Somewhere between pure abstraction and representation lies the realm of dreams and imagination. This is one of the main characteristics of the traditional art of Iran, and is particularly found in the patterns and designs of Persian rugs and kilims. Nomadic Rhapsody explores this same notion, while emphasizing a sense of magic and playfulness. I understand the magical as a place where creativity is balanced between the nonsensical and the sensible, and my work often treads on this thin edge between the real and the fantastical.

This body of work also utilizes an approach and a color palette similar to the ones commonly associated with folk, outsider, and children’s art. I am drawn to the naive and playful, and take refuge in their joyful atmosphere. I imagine that this ambience might also inspire a sense of innocence, and consequently a feeling of freedom, weightlessness and rhapsody.