Fountain Head

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“Fountain Head”; Fiberglass, Water ; 11’W x 11’D x 6′ H

This piece, located along Main Street in Walnut Creek, CA, plays with the idea of water as the source of life, and the human being as the fountainhead. Historically, fountains played a vital role in the life of a village, community or neighborhood, as they supplied the water necessary for people’s daily activities. In this respect, fountains were a hub and a gathering place for the local community. As a result, fountains have become associated both as the source and the center of community/ daily life. In celebration of the life that they helped to sustain, fountains became more and more elaborate and were adorned with various figures, objects, and icons, often representative of various myths and folklore.

In order to create a humorous and symbolic composition, the water in this fountain is designed to jet out from the top of the head, from the place commonly known as the “soft spot” or Fontanel (French word for Fountain). Coincidentally, this point, in both Western (Greek) and Eastern (Indian) culture and mythology is associated with Wisdom. The crown chakra in Indian philosophy, is seen as the well from which intuitive knowledge is drawn. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Athena was born fully formed out of Zeus’s head. She is known as the goddess of wisdom, inspiration, and civilization. In addition, the color gold is often, and almost universally, associated with solar symbolism, which gives gold such attributes as: life, vitality, and wisdom.

Upon learning of these references, I found it curious that in English, the word fountainhead, is used to mean both the source and also the point where the water comes out in a fountain. Thus the piece was designed to represent the head of a human with water jetting out from the very top of it. The size of this head, which is quite large in relation to the size of the fountain, was chosen in order to create a jarring effect, but at the same time a whimsical, playful and humorous contrast. I also wanted a work that would be welcoming and would be visible/ experienced not only by people on foot, but also by the vehicular traffic. I have sought to create a sculpture that will be complex and profound, at the same time that it is fun, humorous, child friendly and accessible to the public at large.

Fabricator and Installer; Academy Studios