“InVision”; Digital photography; Seven windows 10’H X 12’W each,

“InVision”; Imagine that you are making a movie about your self, your life, your likes, dislikes, concerns, interests, ambitions and goals; a movie about who you are and how you envision yourself, but you are limited to only one frame. How would you portray yourself in this single still image?

I met with ten high school students over the course of ten weeks to explore this concept; encouraging them to create their own “portrait of self” utilizing the various tools and techniques of photography. Starting with pin-hole cameras and then using 35mm, the participants engaged in a process of insightful play. Afterwards, they digitally manipulated and constructed their images; layering them with meanings, moods and emotions. The participants studied the unique characteristics of the site and set out to use the medium of large format prints, to create pieces that at first glance referred to the advertising images that are displayed in similar “store” contexts. However, these images would, on closer examination, reveal greater depth and complexity.

The group utilized the architectural windows of the SFMOMA Garage as metaphorical windows to the self, just as a window reveals the interior of a building, these images exposed the inner layers of self. By using the camera, itself a metaphor for the eye, the participants looked through the window of the eye/I to the more intricate aspects of the soul/self. The images were presented on the windows, at once echoing the eye, the lens of the camera and the monitor screen where the images were finally composed. The result was a piece that related the site, materials as well as the concept.